Monday, 24 August 2009

Eagle Eye

I have had this movie at home, but I never actually got around to watching it. I have just recently become interested in watching action movies so I thought about enjoying this one. It was such a suspense right from the start and It never got boring throughout the movie, as everything in fast action and its got an awesome story plot. Mysterious things and situations start to occur after Jerry Shaw's twin brother dies. One morning he enters hes apartment and finds the whole place stacked with boxes filled with weapons, and none of it belongs to him. Including several fake passports of him, which means that whoever planned this out was purposely wanting him involved. Then strange phone calls starts to phone Jerry telling him what hes next move will be and hes got no choice but to follow unless he wants to end up dead. The same situation occurs to a single mother, Rachel Holloman and she is forced in the same circle that Jerry is in to cooperate otherwise her son's life is in danger. The police are involved and they portray Jerry and Rachel as terrorists from all the actions they are causing. But actually both of them don't know who is behind those nasty phone calls, and why just them but they are trapped to put their life on hold and listen and obey these calls' directions. This is movie that takes you on a spin, and overall I would much recommend this to all action fans. Here's a link to the trailer

Monday, 17 August 2009

Creative bar code designs

woman shampooing hair




So I've come across this very innovative design team based company in Tokyo, Japan for barcodes. They are taking the basic barcode design, that you see in almost every single packaging and turning it into something more fun, eye-catching and cool. Their designs fall into many categories, such as fashion, food, sports etc. Why has bar codes been restricted so much? and it got me thinking, how come no one thought about this before. The company was awarded with an 'Good design award' in the communication design category in 2005. They have also teamed up with a leading innovating company called PACARC in the states in order to make their barcodes grow furthermore. The images show a few barcode designs. It is worth taking a look into their creative website as well

Saturday, 15 August 2009

Rialto Cinema-Art Deco

When I was in Casablanca I heard a lot about this movie theather, and thought I would have to visit it while I was there. It's an art deco cinema, which was built in 1930. It proudly stands as one of the 100 movie theaters left in the country. When I went inside, it looked quite small but I wouldn't know for sure as I didn't catch a movie/documentary because they were only playing in French. On the walls inside was many pictures hung of famous actors all in black and white, which shows how much history this place has.

Art Deco staircase..

I found this very interesting staircase at the Villa Des Arts Gallery in Casablanca. It was a very small gallery, that had various contemporary moroccan paintings and international arts for display. The building had been converted into an Art Deco gallery in 1999, and that's when it opened up as Villa des Arts. The villa is owned by the ONA foundation, which is one of the largest industrial holding companies in Morocco. However, even though I went to see some nice paintings I did not understand exactly the information being displayed beside each painting as it was in French. English is not a popular language spoken by others in the country itself. I found this staircase so 'cool' if I could put it in my own words. As soon as you enter the gallery, the staircase is in front of you leading to the upper floor. It looks like a great amount of black ink has been splashed all over the stairs, but that's how the design is meant to be. The black ink design starts from the upper floor and comes down to the staircase. I think its a great idea.

Thursday, 13 August 2009

Mosaic designs

Morocco is well known for its designs, especially their mosaic designs. Everywhere I went in morocco I would see mosaic designs displayed on doors, fountains, walls etc. I always thought they looked so nice with all their bright colours and carefully cut shapes. To my surprise, where I was staying in Casablanca there was a factory showroom where a few workmen would sit and construct these designs. Two brothers had their own shop where they had all their designs for displays and I also looked through a book for all the mosaic they could design for customers.

I watched while one of the brothers cut the mosaics into certain shapes with some sorts of hammer. Then afterwards these small pieces would be glued together, and so on the process would continue. It's very time-consuming as each single mosaic shape is very small. For all the patience and hard work I must say the outcome for all the designs I have seen are outstanding. Above are the photos I took in the workshop, and I have also attached one of myself with some nice mosaic behind me.

Monday, 10 August 2009

King Hassan II Mosque

I've just been on a month's holiday with my family to Morocco. It's such a beautiful country with so many beautiful places to see. One of the thing that I'v e noticed was that their architecture was so remarkable. They have some of the most beautiful mosques I have ever seen. The most famous one I visited in casablanca was the King Hassan II Mosque. It is such an important monument in morocco and it stands as the third largest mosque in the world. Although its minaret stands as the tallest one in the world. At night time there's a beam of light that shines towards Mecca, the holy city. It is located right by the coast to the Atlantic ocean which makes it a beautiful scenery. I made sure I took a close look all around the mosque, it's got so much attention to detail with its beautiful doors, marbled floors and outdoor fountains with carefully made mosaic designs. The mosque has influences from the Moorish, which are the North African descents such as the berbers and the arabs.

The Mosque itself was designed by the French architect Michel Pinseau, and work began on the mosque in 1986. There's a unique part of the mosque where the mosques floor is made up of glass, and the reason behind it is so that worshippers could kneel right over the ocean itself as its built partly on the ocean.

I noticed while I was there and taking photographs that many school children were coming for trips to the mosques with their tutors, and ofcourse visitors show up here constantly. This mosque allows non-muslims to enter and have a look into the interior of the mosque which is in most cases not allowed in other mosques. Although I'm a muslim myself I did not enter as I wasn't wearing the proper clothes that cover properly and I didn't want to disrespect anyone. I did get to take some snaps from inside though from the door, which I was more than pleased about.