Friday, 2 October 2009

Flash of genius

Robert Kearns is a a Father of six children and happily married to his wife Phyllis. One day while he was driving his car, he paid more attention to the wind blades for his car, while the rain was pouring down. He realised how irritating the wind blades were with their constant movement, and how it did not make it easy for him at all to see the road in front of him. Being an engineer, he takes it into consideration and starts coming up with ideas and ways to develop the wind blades further. His basement becomes his workshop, which he uses on a daily basis to work on his wind blades. He successful develops a set of wind blades which move every few seconds, and not continuously like they have normally been used to function. 

He realises that all cars could take advantage of these wind blades, and decided to take his invention to Ford's company, to demonstrates what he has achieved. Ford became quite impressed with what Robert had to offer, and was willing to plan to contribute his secrets to them for a deal. Ford requests for a list of manufacturing objects which helped developing these wind blades and a costs unit for each. Robert is told to wait for a reply from ford.

However time passes by, and Robert never hears from Ford again. After a couple of years,while driving his car, and stopping at the traffic lights, he notices a ford related car passing by in the opposite lane with the same wind blade function as his. He becomes Impatient and frustrated, and decides to go to the ford dealers convention to see what is going on. He suddenly realises that Ford had stolen his wind wiper idea for their new car models without providing him any credit/benefit or deal payment. He becomes very disturbed from what he saw and discovered. He starts so set up legal attributes.....and from there you would have to watch the movie in order to find out the ending. It is a movie based on real life, which makes it more interesting too. It is quite funny how you can find out how certain major manufacturers steal another's idea without making a deal with them and giving them credit for it. It is sad to hear news like this, but what can i say it happens, and it makes us humans more careful about our ideas and developments that we acquire.

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