Wednesday, 7 October 2009

GIANT floor advert

I came across this very large advert, when I was looking at interesting and unique ads. Saatchi & saatchi are behind this amusing advert in Jakarta, Indonesia. This one aims for Jakarta's pet emporium, JAKPETZ.

What's amusing is that, it has been displayed on the floor in a mall in Jakarta, and the way to view it is from above looking down. So people on the stairs and escalators on the upper floors, will understand what this advert is about.

It has an image of a dog scratching his ear, and beside it is a slogan saying 'get them off your dog'. Now, the people walking throughout the advert will look and resemble the fleas on the dog from above. I think it is an very interesting concept and the way they covered the subject is really clever. what a great way to prove a point.

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