Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Macro photography

Brian Valentine is a macro photographer, he became interested in the field when he bought his first SLR camera, and starting taking macro images. He developed his hobbie further along and has become aware with all the fascinations and fine details macro photography can produce. His flickr photos are so beautiful, and largely contains photos of nature, and what nature brings along, insects. The photos make you feel like the subject you see is right next to you, because of its great detail. I have found a short interview, where he answers what type of camera he uses to capture his photos, I am sure many of you out there are wondering what camera he uses to capture the tremendous images, which takes you to a place you've never seen so close. Brian states 'I use canon dslr bodies with either a sigma 105mm EX lens or a canon MPE-65 (high power macro lens), I often use flash. I tend to hunt for subjects so a tripod is not really an option so i hand hold the camera often with the aid of a bean pole for stabilization. I also use focus stacking to increase the DOF of photographs'. 

Its surprising how a macro insect such as a fly and flower can produce such vibrant and colourful contrasts on a photo. I especially like his photos, which contain the vast zoom of the raindrops and the refractions they produce in the images. I am sure it takes a lot of patience to capture such beautiful outcomes.

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