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The aim of my blog was to try and cover several topics and subjects of interest to me, that I come across with in my daily life. As time goes by so quickly, I sometimes forget to stop and take a moment to cherish what I see, benefit from whom I meet, and feel inspired from these things that  I love. This blog has helped me to stop and take that moment to talk about life's passion and my own inspirations.


Cultural Experience

People among us come from many other countries, either far away or close. Yet still contribute to a single common aspect, each country has its own cultural associates, and traditions to hold on too. So, whenever I meet a person from a different country I make sure I learn something about their country. Whether it is simple questions like what sorts of food they eat? or what type of clothes they wear? Each aspect accounts to something remarkable for that person, it is their lifestyle after all. I enjoy traveling and I learn a lot from these trips of entering a place strange to me, yet home to others. This summer I went to visit Morocco for the very first time. I have shown and expressed a lot about Morocco in my blogs, as it is truly a country filled with architectural masterpieces and tremendous designs and culture. Each city had so much to offer me and my eyes were always open to more, as I felt very interested and inspired constantly. Simple objects like doors were beautifully carved and designed, which made me love the effort the country's people put in to create them. It is funny when I think in comparison how plain the house doors look like here in Britain. However, that is what i mean with, every country provides something different. The doors in Morrocco looked different to the norm, and that made them so special. In general the whole Morocco trip was truly inspiring to me. Having lived in Saudi Arabia before, I also went to visit the country before the trip to Morocco. I  respect the Saudis traditions and culture, as they take into account the Islamic traditions, which is my religion too. I have written about the female cultural dress, the Abayah which covers the female silhouette fully. There are so many various designs nowadays for the abayah, that no one seems to be wearing plain black anymore, I like how it has become like a fashion garment they wear while they carry out the function of covering properly at the same time. However, there could be several objectives there as well, as it could become an issue if it carries out to change more into a silhouette form or too colorful. The Saudi laws can be quite strict at times to some, and that takes me to the topic and research of my dissertation project.

Dissertation Project

A Saudi woman behind the veil-the capability of the woman power which has been held down. It is of interest to me because i have spent several years living in the country, and socializing with the Saudis too. It is a finding I want to research more about, because I have been living among an environment where women do not hold much power, yet they are equally able to in comparison to the other gender in the field. They are very strong women that I wish to have their voices heard. I will take this source into great account for my project.


My source of inspiration comes from anything that I think has a sense of individuality to itself, whether it is an artist or architectural building, I like something that comes across as 'different' and that what I believe makes something unique. For example, a dress sense could show individuality when someone wears certain type of clothes that others usually do not. I think it is important to be different as differences are based upon ones influences. That is how i see it. I think in school, children and teenagers face difficulties and bullying when being different, as it is not seen as being the norm, and that is where inspirations become limited as teenagers care too much about what their other peers might think of them when they express their own views and opinions.

I look up to artists, who express what they love through a beautiful talent they possess and share to the world. I have a list of artists that I would loved to have written about them and described their talent, but I aimed to have a list of various subjects covered and not focus about a certain type of area. However, the artists i have mention come from different countries, different age groups and provide us with different talents.

Being interested in advertising, I come across so many measures of advertising just walking anywhere, i do not even have to think about it, because it is always there and available- it causes me to think about them and appreciate, whether it is videos seen on YouTube or campaigns seen on adverts, I have included some that i find unique and well thought of and planned. I really enjoy humorous adverts, that make you smile. My favorite video adverts must be the nandos, and Tmobile adverts I've shared in my blog.


Keeping an updated blog throughout the summer has been a 'fun thing' to me. I got to read about other peers inspirations and findings, and I could not help but feel amused. I have never had a blog before, so writing and sharing my own inspirations and experiences that I usually do not share so much in conversations has been truly great. I think I am going to continue keeping an inspirational blog for the future, it does not kill to share what you like and benefit from.

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